The best penis enlargement solutions 100% results

A survey shows that 60% of men think that penis size is important to women. Moreover, 76% of men also believe that a larger penis increases their self-esteem. No matter the reason, men cannot deny that having a larger penis is certainly a win-win scenario. It can spice up your love life and also grant you the confidence to overcome daily challenges.

Even a few years ago, surgery was the only method available for extending the penis size. That’s not the case anymore. Did you know that you can naturally increase the size and girth of your male genitals without affecting your penis health?

Thanks to something called a penis extender, men are now able to naturally increase the size of their penises without having to worry about any permanent damage. They are safe and easy to use. Not only can these devices help in penis enlargement but they can also be used to improve erectile function and correct penis curvature in a matter of months.

Men are still advised to consult a physician regarding any physical discomfort, but the worse that can happen is some soreness due to over-exertion, which can be easily treated off.

A Penis extender is the key to a happy and more fulfilling love life. Women prefer bigger penis. Although in most cases they are ‘satisfied’ with their partners, a few extra inches only add to the excitement. A bit of a boost in a man’s self-esteem can work wonders in the bedroom (or anywhere else). Also, since there are practically no downsides, it’s worth giving a shot.

So, if you’re ready to increase your penis size, here is one of the leading products in the market. It’s safe, easy to apply, and can be comfortably worn under your jeans.

The r penis enlargement extender

The PeniMaster penis extender is an urological device made for penis enlargement, thickening, and straightening. The device stretches the penis in a psychologically proper way over a long period.

Men are usually insecure about penis size. They may not say out outright, but deep down they think it’s often not enough, even when they are decently sized. The PeniMaster specializes in treating both this psychological thought as well as their physical features.

The results are slow unlike surgery, but they are non-intrusive to the body. They do not harm the penis in any way if you’re careful with the applications. For instance, if you’re doing an hour-long stretching exercise, make sure not to put too much strain on weights. If it hurts reduce the tension and start again.

The PeniMaster consist of the following parts:

  1. The anatomical glans
  2. Sluice Ring
  3. Anatomically adaptive adhesive diaphragm
  4. Split adaptor
  5. Rotary             valve
  6. Pump ball
  7. Hose application

Unlike other contraptions, the PeniMaster relies on the vacuum created by the pump to latch onto the penis. This provides a rather comfortable yet firm hold over the penis head and lets you stretch without any discomfort whatsoever.

Using the contraption for several hours to four weeks results in enlargement of the glans and the penis in flaccid condition to the maximum natural dimension possible. Using it for several months can also lead to long-term elongation and thickening of the penis, based on cell growth.

The perks don’t end there as wearers can also use the best penis enlargement device PeniMaster to treat irregular penis curvatures aka, Peyronie disease. You can see the results after a few months of treatment.  The PeniMaster also comes with hip, shoulder, and knee belts so that you can wear them as you travel outside. And if you’re not a fan of belts, you can always use the rod expander

Why should you buy a Penis extender?

When it comes to a penis extender, one of the most asked questions is: why should you buy one?

As mentioned earlier an extender help with the  penis enlargement . They are non-invasive devices, that apply tension to the shaft by attaching themselves to the penis. The device stretches the tissues thereby increasing the size of a man’s penis over time.

How does this happen?

When you use the device to stretch the penis, countless micro-tears are formed along the shaft. They are painless and easily heal over time as the body produces new tissue cells to fill the gap.

The average size of a male penis ranges from 4-5.5 inches. Using the PeniMaster for about six months, men can easily witness a 25%-30% increase in both girth and length of the penis.

The penis extender goes by many names such as penis enlarger, penis stretcher, penis traction device, penis treatment device, and finally the penis enlargement device. All of these serve the same purpose, which is increasing the size of your penis and treating problems like the Peyronie disease.

Many men lack confidence due to small or deformed penis. It hurts their self-esteem and prevents them from living a fulfilling life. Driven by this paranoia, men usually undergo painful surgery that carry a lot of medical risks. There is also the hefty price tag that accompanies such a complicated procedure.

However, the PeniMaster carries no such risk. It’s like having an exercise kit, dedicated for the penis. The process naturally strengthens the penis size and girth over time so there’s no fear of permanent damage. It is scientifically proved to yield results, minus the side effects often seen in surgeries.

What to consider when buying a penis enlargement device?

When searching for a penis extender, the priority should always be penis health. There are numerous options available in the market. This section discusses why PeniMaster tops them all in terms of safety, instructions, flexibility, comfort, and results.

Check if its medically graded

Unlike most penis extenders, the PeniMaster doesn’t force the glans. The vacuum technology naturally sucks in the tip and holds it firmly in place for you to perform all kinds of stretching exercises. It also comes with a special gel that prevents moisture buildup within the anatomic glans chamber. As a result, the user doesn’t run the risk of bacterial infection and can use the device with ease.

Is it comfortable?

Comfort is second on the list as you will have to wear the device for up to eight hours a day. That means you’ll be wearing it while commuting, or going to work. Therefore, you want the extender to fit in snugly without causing soreness or pain.

The PeniMaster comes with an anatomically adhesive soft latex diaphragm for maximum comfort. The extender also has a rubbery base for maximum comfort. You can also choose from among the different belts, shoulder, knee, or hip, whichever is more comfortable. You can also use the simple rod extender if you’re not a fan of belts. So, when it comes to comfort, it is sufficient to say that the PeniMaster has you covered.

Tension adjustment

Although more tension can lead to faster results, the process can become painful and can even harm your tissue. So, as you progress through the months you will have to try out varying amounts of tension. The goal here is to keep on stretching the tissue for maximum results. As a result, you need to a lot of experimentation to figure out your comfort zone.

The PeniMaster offers lots of options out of the box, so, you are more likely to find a solution that suits you best.

What you should know about a penis enlargement

A penis extender can be annoying at first. It’s a medical device that works slowly and is used for a wide range of applications. Here are things you should know before buying one:

  • It takes time- The process involves reforming penal tissues for increased size and girth and also for the treatment of Peyronie disease. If you’re willing to use an extender you should be determined to put at least six months of work to witness any results.
  • Uncomfortable- Most men are not accustomed to having a device stretching their penis. It might be uncomfortable for them to wear such a contraption for extended hours. However, the discomfort is nothing compared to the long-term results of wearing these products.

Why choose PeniMaster?

PeniMaster is developed by MSP Concept Berlin. It offers a wide range of medical and non-medical applications. Medical use includes penis straightening and non-medical use includes:

  • Penis enlargement & elongation,
  • Penis thickening
  • Enlargement of glans
  • Recovery of foreskin
  • Retractive penis
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Improvement of erection

They also offer various products such as PeniMaster Pro and PeniMaster Classic each with a  specific set of tools, so that you can choose the product that suits you the best. They even offer detailed video tutorials for first-time users so that you don’t face any problems while setting up the device.


PeniMaster Classic is an other penis enlargement solution with adaptive fastening slots in the holding support is probably the world’s technologically most sophisticated rod expander with holding belts for the penis. Numerous and patented details make PeniMaster Classic the quality product of choice if wearing comfort, handling, reliability, and safety are as important during application as visible successes of the stretching routine on the penis.

Product advantages

  • penis expander for elongatingthickening and straightening the penis, as well as for improving potency and sexual stamina
  • anatomically universally shaped base ring allows for rotating the applied device on the body
  • the scope of delivery comprises: rod set for penis lengths between approx. 5 and 30 centimetres. No further accessories required.
  • pulling force display: 0 – approx. 1200 g (higher pulling forces possible, but not recommended for safety reasons).
  • glass fibre-reinforced plastics for maximum stability and durability, also suitable for professional application
  • adaptive fastening apertures allow for long-term durability of the extra-soft anatomically shaped holding belts
  • holding support with safety and comfort clips
  • for men of any age with circumcised and uncircumcised penises
  • Can be worn unobtrusively underneath normal trousers.
  • rods compatible with PeniMaster PRO
  • application over night is possible (read more)